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From generation to generation

The Kyrgyz pattern is called "the song of silence" The hands of the skilled women workers sew colored threads, which compose a pattern reflecting the endless song of Celestial Nomads.
While crossing the camel caravan's tracks on the Great Silk Road, the Kyrgyz people became part of a great cultural dialogue. This dialogue is reflected in the art principles of Dilbar's design. We can observe how the Kyrgyz traditional patterns mix with the Indian sari and Chinese silk, the bright colors of Bukhara hand fabrics whisper with the soft chiming bells of ancient Kyrgyz silver. Patchwork sewing - kurak - combines the most unpredictable cultural components. Each creation of Dilbar, shaped by hand, continues national traditions aspiring to be more than just apparel, to become a work of art. Each one is a collector's item which speaks of the untapped potential of a nomadic civilization. Each garment, as if shrouded in the love of Holy Mother Umai.
The Kyrgyz people formed a system which visualized the world in a series of beautiful patterns which indirectly regulated household behavior, daily life and practical activities.
The figurative meaning, the double wisdom of the message - asta soz - was the natural form of thinking symbolically.
The pattern can represent anything. The girl in love used to give a gift of an embroidered scarf to her beloved one and he would present her with a song. Cultured yet hesitant there was a dialogue of love. It means that the most ancient thinking form is the principle of spiritual dialogue. The embroidered scarf protects from the "evil eye". The pattern can avert danger in its role of tumar - talisman.
The patterns of Dilbar are like a thread which connects the past, the present and the future.
Dilbar is the keeper of ancient tradition, and the oracle of the future. By bringing her own words to each step of an ancient pattern, she creates an image of modern Kyrgyz people and generously shares her talent and the beauty of embroidery by passing them from generation to generation.

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