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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Kyrghizia highlands

Everybody is always in search of something new starting a journey. One wishes to find at the same time the landscape romance, peculiarity of the relations and for sure the novelty of the sensation.You can feel all this in the middle of the mountain peaks and ice rivers of Kyrgyzia. The country is located between two mountain chains: Terskey Ala-Tao ridge from south-west and Tian-Shan Mountains from the north-east. That's why, probably, roaming around the country you believe that these mountains, propping up the sky separate you from the rest of the world. Even unattainable clouds are clutching at the peaks and if it is raining in Kyrgyzia, the mountains do not let the clouds go for long.

On your way from Tian Shan side to the north-eastern banks of the pure Issyk Kul you will be amazed by the surroundings. Scorching sand will burn you feet and it will seem that the desert sun touch the land. And at this moment everything you wish is to dip into the sky-blue Issyk Kul water. The lake looks like the huge mirror, which can cover the grandeur of the mountains reflected in it. In Kyrgyz Issyk Kul means "hot lake" or in Old Turkic means "sacred, reserved lake". The lake seems to be endless and you will not even distinguish the skyline (as on the sea). Its beauty is indescribable and the locals call the lake "Kyrgyzstan's pearl", noticing the purity of the water either.
There are a lot of pensions and hotels at this part of Issyk Kul. Here you can take a rest in the shadow of beautiful apple-trees, as well as enjoy the rose plantation. From scarlet to daffodil, they create a unique aroma, which will attend you during the travel.
The Kyrgyzs are very friendly and hospitable people. And the first thing that you will notice is their love for mutton. Their national dishes are: the mutton shashlik, manti and certainly the pilaw. The great temptation for any holiday-maker is Kyrgyz fruits, which are not expensive here. Apples and apricots you can even pick from the trees on the streets and the variety of exotic fruits on the market will surprise you...
Life in this Kyrgyz paradise starts in the evening, as it is really hot in the daytime and people usually do not leave their apartments. Evening is the most active time and only you need is to choose the place you go. For those who wish to eat and drink listening the national Kyrgyz music there are a lot of summer cafes with professional musicians. Kyrgyz singing will impress, believe me. Especially if the singer is a pro.
A lot of people are gathering round the cafй during the performance and do not leave their seats until the singer ends the last song. Those who like active rest can go to the disco. But if you want to relax in the harmony with nature you should pass the evening on the bank of Issyk Kul Lake. By the way, in the late evening the water seems to be particularly warm.
The summer morning in Kyrgyzia is very calm and light. It is the time of mental rest. Each morning the coast of the Issyk Kul is full of people. Exactly at this time the Lake reveals its medicinal power. The morning water is so warm and pure that you feel yourself as after the fresh shower. The only thing that prevents believing in it is the salinity of the water. The reason is that about 80 mountain rivers flow into Issyk Kul and no one flows out.
The mountains around Issyk Kul are rich in exotics. There you can feel the greatness and magnificence of the mountain nature. Everything seems to be huge and powerful. Even the small stream from the waterfall knocks you down, not to mention the mountain rivers, which very likely can carry away the banks they wash. Here you can meet the Kyrgyz fast horses, which are famous not only in Kyrgyzia.
People often arrange here the national horse competitions, at the end of which any can choose the horse and make a pleasant trip.
The rest on the Issyk Kul will be light and unobtrusive. You will see that the lake attracts not only by its beauty but also by its calmness. Fine climate and pure air will create the wonderful atmosphere for mental and physical relaxation. The medicinal power of the lake will make you forget about ailment and give hope for perfect future. Visit this magnificent nature paradise, where you can leave behind all bad minutes of your life and muster your strength to go on.

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