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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Ladies and gentlemen!
… it gets into your blood, under your skin.” I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something about this country that excites visitors – makes them want to extend their stay or at the very least to return. more
Issyk Kul lake
Issyk Kul, the huge salt mountain lake, has from ancient times served as an alluring oasis on the Great Silk Road. Through the ages hundreds of traders have stopped here to dip their weary feet into the fresh waters of the lake. more
May you live long & happily
It was in 1987, a time when co-operative societies were developing most rapidly, that Taabyldy Egemberdiev, president of the Shoro company, first came up with the idea of producing maksym , the national home-made drink of mountain Kyrgyz and Kazakh people, for mass consumption. The idea, which seemed unthinkable to many, found support with Zhumadil Egemberdiev, his younger brother, and Suyun-opa, mother and main keeper of the leaven, who could not imagine the dastarkhan without maksym... more
Prime shopping destination
Just little more than a year passed from the opening of "Dordoi-Plaza", the ultra-modern shopping center in Bishkek, nevertheless the customers have already made sure that the administration of the center takes care of the clients and does not sacrifice its reputation seeking after the momentary profit. The shopping center creates the individual approach to every buyer, whishing everyone to be not only the patron, but also a new friend... more
Burana tower
Situated 10km south of Tokmok, the tower is all that remains of the ancient city of Balasugan set at the foot of the Shamshy valley. Established in the 10 th century on the site of an older settlement, the city was the birthplace of the poet Jusup Balasugyn (1015) who wrote an epic poem called Katadgu Bilig ("The knowledge which brings happiness"), which has been translated into several languages including a recent translation into English by Walter May. more
From generation to generation
The Kyrgyz pattern is called "the song of silence" The hands of the skilled women workers sew colored threads, which compose a pattern reflecting the endless song of Celestial Nomads.
While crossing the camel caravan's tracks on the Great Silk Road, the Kyrgyz people became part of a great cultural dialogue. This dialogue is reflected in the art principles of Dilbar's design. more
Kyrgyz traditional dress
Loose shirts and wide trousers were the standard dress for Kyrgyz men in the 19 th century. The unfastened shirt - djegde - is made from white coarse calico or matt. The design of the shirt is tunic-like. Two slightly inclined gores are sewn on the edges of the shirt. The shirt was lower than the level of the knees, and the sleeves covered the wrists. It was popular to sew gussets on it. A lath was sown around an open neck; the lath was narrower on the bosom and was fastened with laces or buttons.
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Kyrghizia highlands
Everybody is always in search of something new starting a journey. One wishes to find at the same time the landscape romance, peculiarity of the relations and for sure the novelty of the sensation.You can feel all this in the middle of the mountain peaks and ice rivers of Kyrgyzia. more
Saved... By a cup of tea
The group of Estonian mountain climbers started rescue operations a couple of minutes after the avalanche in the Khan-Tengri peak area. Now safely back in one of the Cholpan-Ata pensions, Yaan Kyunnap, the leader of the ascent, spoke to a "Vecherka" reporter about the tragic events, which took place on the morning on August 5. more

Hunting with eagles

Hunting with golden eagles is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Mongol conquest of Central Asia around the 12 th and 13 th centuries, when a fine eagle and good horse cost the same price and both lent prestige to their owner. more

Ecological problems

Ecological issues, particularly the pollution and destruction of natural habitats by man, are topics of crucial importance today. It is a sad fact that these problems are very much in evidence in Kyrgyzstan. The foothills of Lenin Peak, one of the most popular tourist destinations, are on the verge of ecological disaster. more


Ala-Kiyiz are felt carpets, which sometimes serve as carpets, and sometimes as wall hangings. They can be large or small and it is possible to find examples that are pictures.
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The central Tien-Shan

The majestic grandeur of Kyrgyzstan’s Tien-Shan Mountains, home to the two most northerly 7000m peaks in the world, is a draw for climbers.
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Sary-Chelek reserve

Sary-Chelek reserve, the only biosphere reserve in the Central Asian mountains, is located on the southern slopes of the Chatkal ridge. Its landscapes are beautiful and multifarious. Piedmont steppes and ridges with snow-covered peaks, turbulent rivers and still marshes, mountain lakes with diverse rocks, flower-filled valleys, mountain taiga and alpine meadows - all combine to make an unforgettable impression. more

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