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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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“There is something special about Kyrgyzstan …”

… it gets into your blood, under your skin.” I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something about this country that excites visitors – makes them want to extend their stay or at the very least to return.
Is it the spectacular scenery; the wildlife; the traditional culture; the atmosphere connected with the many historical places and archaeological sites connected with the Great Silk Road, the Mongol Hordes, the Bolshevik Revolution; or the variety of possible activities; the hospitality of the local populace … or is it a combination of all of these factors?
Whatever it is, there is something that makes Kyrgyzstan “special”. It is a small country with over 90% of the territory classified as “mountainous”. The peaks and valleys divide the landscape into quite distinct landscapes, microclimates and habitats. It is possible to encounter many different experiences in a small geographical area, and a short space of time.

The Kyrgyz, themselves, recognize the uniqueness of the country as is shown in some of their legends:
One that tells how, after the creation, God was apportioning plots of land to the various peoples of the world. The Kyrgyz, whilst waiting in line with all the others, decided that it was taking so long and that he needed to go and look after his sheep. When he returned, he discovered that God had finished his task – and the Kyrgyz asked God: “What plot of land shall I have to call my own?” God replied that all the land had been allocated – there was none left. The Kyrgyz said that he did not need a lot of land, it did not have to have lots of riches - it just had to be sufficient for him to pasture his flocks. God took pity on him and said that there was a little plot of land left. He had been intending to keep it for Himself as a garden for his own rest and relaxation, but the Kyrgyz could use it for pasturing his flocks.

Members of The Kyrgyz Association of Tour Operators, (which comprise about a third of the tour operators in the country), are ready to welcome you and make your stay memorable – and are sure that that you too will agree that there is something “special” about Kyrgyzstan.

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