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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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There is something special about Kyrgyzstan

… it gets into your blood, under your skin.” I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something about this country that excites visitors – makes them want to extend their stay or at the very least to return. more

Love as a mirror of the Kyrgyz folklore
The Kyrgyz folklore is abundant in lyrical songs, the leitmotif of which is love. And it is quite inherent in the people living in this country. It seems as if everything here has been specially created for love, and the authors derive their inspiration for creating love songs from the beauty of the mountain land they are native to. After all, the mountains and the Kyrgyz people are inseparable. more
To the Foothill of Khan-Tengri in the Footsteps of Semenov Tian-Shansky and Merzbacher
Reading about little known expeditions or tales of travels old and new to the Central Tien-Shan cannot fail to imbue one with the spirit of travel, of pioneer exploration. more
Karakol is at the eastern end of Lake Issyk Kul. The largest town and the administration center of the Issyk Kul province, the town was founded by Russian settlers in the 1869. The name translates as «black hand» more
Marco Polo
As far as we know, Marco Polo never made it as far north as Kyrgyzstan; he crossed from what is now Afghanistan to Kashgar, but this intrepid explorer holds a special place in the story of the Silk Road…and attention is once more focused on him as Europe discovers a reawakening interest in China and Central Asia. more
The Kyrgyz Mountains
Kyrgyzstan boasts a number of 7000m peaks, several of which have been climbed only relatively recently, as well as many virgin peaks. It has been suggested in the Western press that there is a "name that mountain" scheme where, in exchange for a fee, it is possible to have a peak named after you. However no such scheme exists and it seems to be just another modern myth. more
The world of yurts
The yurt is the traditional dwelling of the nomadic peoples of Central Asia - including the Kyrgyz - and are to be found anywhere between Anatolia and Mongolia. It is not possible to say which of the ancient nomadic tribes originally developed the traditional design but it is still in use by people throughout the region and plays an important role in the lifestyle of the Kyrgyz "chaban", or shepherd. Styles of architecture and city planning come and go, but the yurt remains a stable and lasting link with the past. more
The biography of Khan-Tengri
In the Central Tien-Shan situated a wonderfully beautiful pyramid covered by a snowy-iced veil. That is Khan-Tengri (6995 m; by the translation from Mongolian - "Imperator of the Heaven"). more
Particularities of the Kyrgyz fishing
Fish provide an important sourse of iodine otherwise lacking in the Kyrgyz diet and is a popular form of food. more

Cholpon Ata

Cholpon Ata is the largest town on the northern shore of the lake, about half way along, some 250 kilometers from Bishkek. Large numbers of tourists used to descend with their vouchers for a stay in one of the nearby sanatoria or tour resorts in summertime, and Soviet athletes would come here to train at altitude. more


Arslan Bob is said to be named after an 11th century hero who met his death nearby, betrayed by his wife to his enemies. His footprints, handprints and bloodstains are said to be still visible at the spot. In the Djalal-Abad region of Southern Kyrgyzstan lie the walnut groves of Arslan Bob. more

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