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Kyrgyzstan - Land of the Tien Shan
Snow-white peaks scraping the sky. Alpine meadows abundant in flowers and steppes permeated with the smell of wormwood. Rough mountain rivers, winding between the slopes, and lakes that lie motionless amid the summits, like mirrors dropped by a playing beauty... All these are Kyrgyzstan, the country with ancient history and virginal nature. The country that can present you with the best travel in your life. more
Snow Leopard
Tigers and cheetahs once roamed through the forests of Kyrgyzstan but the Snow Leopard is the only example of the “Big Cats” still to be found in Kyrgyzstan. more
It may not be surprising, given the role of the Great Silk Road in the history of Kyrgyzstan, that transportation has played an important role in the history of the region as a whole. The origins of most of the major roads etc. can be found in the routes traversed by traders many centuries ago. more
The Shyrdak is a traditional Kyrgyz thick felt carpet that can be laid out in a yurt, or simply on the grass. They are often found in Kyrgyz homes, either on the floor, or sometimes on divans, or even as a wall hanging. The carpet is noticeable for the contrasting colours and large patterns. more
Djety Orguz
About 25 km South West of Karakol is a lush valley with some striking red sandstone rock formations (the "seven Bulls" from which the valley takes its name). There is a legend about the rock formation. A Kyrgyz khan stole the wife of another, who sought advice from a "wise man" about how he could reap his revenge. The wise man was reluctant to give advice but in the end relenting, telling the khan that he should kill his wife and give the body to his rival - "Let him own a dead wife, not a living one" more
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The British commentator Alistair Cooke once opened his regular weekly “Letter from America” with the phrase: “The name Bishkek does not come tripping off the tongue or, I imagine for most of us, off the memory. …”. Since the events of March 2004, however, the name of Kyrgyzstan, (the small, Central Asian country of which Bishkek is the capital), is no longer a totally unknown quantity the answer to a Trivial Pursuits question. It still may not “trip off the tongue” but people have heard about this small mountainous country. more

Kyrgyz national cuisine

Food is a question of taste as the saying goes: “One man's meat is another man's poison”. Don't expect the food in Kyrgyzstan to be the highlight of your trip but that does not mean that you have landed up in a culinary wasteland! more


The Torugart Pass is a remote mountain border crossing between Kyrgyzstan and China. In 1905 the British Consul in Kashgar, (George Macartney) discovered that the Russians had built a 27 foot wide road from At Bashi in Kyrgyzstan to Torugart and for about half a mile into China itself. A major player in "The Great Game" between the British and Russian Empires both of which were seeking influence in Central Asia, he reported to his superiors that the road could easily be "made good" and should Russia choose to annex all or part of Xinjiang province, then this was the route along which their troops would come. more

The Kyrgyz krebet

The Kyrgyz range of the Tian Shan (or Celestial) Mountains has several valleys that cut into or through it. The most famous are Kaindi, Too Ashu, Sokuluk (with the village of Tash Bulak), Ala Archa, Alamedin, Issyk Ata, Kegeti, and Shamsy. Each with their own characters and attractions. more

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