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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Welcome The Kyrgyzstan

E. MyrzabekovRealizing the great and honorable responsibility for paying compliments to the readers of the internationally famous magazine "Discovery", I would like, as the head of the "The "Manas" International Airport", to begin the article with an invitation: "Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!"
Dear reader! Today, on the part of the editorial staff of the magazine, I was given an opportunity to tell you briefly about Kyrgyzstan an amazing place on the Globe; about its people, good-natured and hospitable, and, certainly, about the "Manas" airport the air gateway linking the world with our beautiful country.

The Kyrgyz Republic is a small state, the greater part of which is covered with mighty mountains. The rivers that run here are with crystal-clear water; they take their origin from eternal snow-white glaciers. The green fertile valleys warmed by the southern sun yield fruits the quality of which is ranked among the best in the world. The arduously cultivated lands reward with choice fruit and berries. Kyrgyzstan is a country with the unique climate. On average, there are 300 sunny days a year. Its precious pearl is the matchless lake Issyk-Kul that has become the subject of many legends. The people living here are noted for their hospitality, kindness, and sincerity. They are distinguished by uniqueness that takes its origin in ancient times. Kyrgyzstan is a multinational country. The core nationality, the Kyrgyz, due to their famous tolerance, live in harmony with 80 other nationalities and ethnic groups; each of them carefully preserves its cultural customs and traditions.

Having done with generalizations, allow me now to dwell upon "The "Manas" International Airport" that was named after the legendary hero of the Kyrgyz epos. The joint-stock company "The "Manas" International Airport" is the largest aircraft industry enterprise in Kyrgyzstan. Today from "The "Manas" International Airport" there are scheduled flights to Hanover, Delhi, Dubai, Karachi, London, Istanbul, Munich, Urumchi, Frankfurt, as well as to the capitals and large cities of the CIS countries. The synthetic runway is one of the best in the region and allows receiving aircrafts of any types including the heaviest. The acceptance rate of the reconstructed up-to-date air terminal complex with state-of-the-art equipment is 750 people per hour.

An evidence of the achievements of the joint-stock company "The "Manas" International Airport" is "the Best Airport in the CIS countries" award given in 2003 by the "Airport" Civil Aviation Association. At the grand ceremony in Moscow on May 25, there was the presentation of the memorable award. Before that date, "Manas" had been steadily recognized as "the most intensively developing airport in the CIS".

In 2004, the selection committee of "Business Initiative Direction (B.I.D)", one of the most influential European organizations, awarded "The "Manas" International Airport" its international prize "the Golden Arch of Europe for Quality and Technology". In the congratulatory document it was said: "For constant efforts of your enterprise and the employees on the way to perfection and efficiency, improvement of the quality of services, and achievement of maximum satisfaction of clients".

In 2005, "The "Manas" International Airport" celebrated its 30-year anniversary. Thirty years is the age when the formation period has already passed, and there lies the broad creative way of large-scale activity ahead. I believe that we can expect many more outstanding victories in future. Many of the employees of the joint-stock company "The "Manas" International Airport" with all their hearts are devoted to the aviation business; and they live every minute with thoughts of their favorite work. I think that this is the most important thing on the way to success. The personnel are eager to achieve the high quality of the passenger and aircraft service in conformity with the highest world standards. I am absolutely convinced that with an assiduous labor and sincere devotion to the work, one can achieve any heights.

Dear reader! I invite you to take a trip into our country. I am sure that the acquaintance with Kyrgyzstan, with its unique nature and good-natured people, will enrich your inner world and bring lots of bright unforgettable colors into your life. This spot on the Globe warmed by the sunrays will hearten anyone who knows how to love and has a deep soul; and will fill the guests with vivacity and cheerfulness. Take a flight to us, into sunny Kyrgyzstan, the land where you will experience the unity of simplicity and greatness, openness and uniqueness, green valleys and eternal snow-white summits, civilization and traditional originality. Feel the virginal purity of the atmosphere concentrating and enriching the eternal and the deepest in a man.

With the warmest wishes,
The head of the Open Joint-Stock Company
"The "Manas" International Airport"

E. Myrzabekov.

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