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Manas International Airport

Manas International AirportThe Manas International Airport is located 23km to northwest from Bishkek. The height above sea level is 637m. The Aerodrome Manas belongs to «B» class according to standards International Air Convention and «4E» class according to ICAO standards. It is suitable for operation of all type aircrafts. The «1st» category is conferred to the airport by ICAO that allows care out flights of aircrafts at visibility 60*800 m. There is no limit of noise at nighttime. A mode of operation is round- the-clock.

The airport Manas has the main road and connective taxiways, passenger and cargo aprons are equipped with upgraded equipments. The size of airfield is 4854 x 300m. Runway is covered in two layers. Gravelly optimal foundation is 26cm; fibercrete is 40cm. The platform has over 37 parking places the average and the distant main road planes and two telescopic ladders of type TB 35/21-2 made by THYSSEN HENSCHEL.

The taxi planes care out by the escort vehicle. In this time the total area of airport apron is 242 square meters. The apron was constructed for all types of the planes.

The airdrome is constantly exploited by the following types of aircrafts IL-76, IL-62, IL-18, TU 154, TU-134, YK-40, AN-24, AN-26, helicopters of all types including foreign aircraftsA-320, B-737, B- 747 and etc. In the airport has carried out flights of AN-124 (RUSLAN) and AN-224 (MRIYA).

Artificial runway (AR) has the length in 4200m and the width in 55m. It is one of the best and longest AR in Central Asia region. The solidity of AR pronounced classification by number of the covering (PCN) is PCN-53 R/AW/T and decided the regular exploitation of all types BC.

The air terminal serves passenger air transportations on both the domestic and the international flights has throughput 750 people per hour and the area about 3000 square meters. The building of the air terminal was adjusted in the form of the compact centricity shape with shifting separate its parts. The shape of building consists of the elements and the details that show the national culture and the local climate conditions.

Manas International AirportManas International Airport is leading corporation in the airport activity field within the country and it has no competitors in republic market. JSC «MIA» recognized as natural and competent monopolist by the ground-based service according to order of state commission on antimonopoly politics under Government of Kyrgyz Republic. The structure of JSC «MIA» includes Osh and Karakol branches with registration the airports and areas. Totally, there are 24 airdromes and application areas.

In the international market of aviation services the cardinal rivals are International Airports of Tashkent, Almaty and Astana.

It is necessary to inform that artificial runway (AR) of the airport «MANAS» is the best on its characteristics. As far as artificial runway (AR) of airport Almaty has the limitation of maximum flights weight aircraft up to 350 tons, but the airport «MANAS» has no limitation on this. The AR of Manas International Airport is 700 meters longer than AR in Airport Astana. AR in Astana covered by the asphalt but AR in the airport Manas covered by the fibercrete, and this is better than the asphalt. The AR of airport Manas has several important advantages than the International airport of Tashkent.

As a result, Manas International Airport has not only same but in some operation factors better characteristics in comparison with main International Airports in Central-Asia republics. It is essential to add that Manas International Airport conforms the highest international standards of the air terminal complex, cargo terminal and technical equipments. Consideration of evenly good and naturally climatic conditions of the region (absence of strong winds, fogs, cold, plain nearer of the territory and the good vision etc.) the International Airport «Manas» is more optimal air transport center.

The Committee of one of the most influential European Organization Business Initiative Direction (BID.) awarded Manas International Airport with international prize «Golden arch of Europe for Quality and Technology» in this year. In the congratulation letter written: «For permanent aspiration of company and its employees for perfection, improvement of service quality and achievement the highest possible satisfaction to customers». We hope that our airport will assume a new image and standard of high prestige because of this award.

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