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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Welcome The Kyrgyzstan
Realizing the great and honorable responsibility for paying compliments to the readers of the internationally famous magazine "Discovery", I would like, as the head of the "The "Manas" International Airport", to begin the article with an invitation: "Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!" more
Manas International Airport
The Manas International Airport is located 23km to northwest from Bishkek. The height above sea level is 637m. The Aerodrome Manas belongs to «B» class according to standards International Air Convention and «4E» class according to ICAO standards. It is suitable for operation of all type aircrafts. The «1st» category is conferred to the airport by ICAO that allows care out flights of aircrafts at visibility 60*800 m. There is no limit of noise at nighttime. A mode of operation is round- the-clock. more

Kyrgyzstan (or The Kyrgyz Republic, to give the country its official name) lies at the very center of the Eurasian continent, bordering China (to the east), Kazakhstan (to the north and west), Uzbekistan (to the south and west), and Tajikistan (to the south west and south). more

HIGHLIGHTS “Must see…” “Must do…”
Everyone has their favourite spot, or experience. It is a question of personal taste. The Lonely Planet guide to Central Asia lists the following in their "Highlights of Central Asia" more
Make sure you have a window seat because as you descend towards Bishkek Airport, your can take in the entire essence of Kyrgyz natural beautify in one sweep. White mountain tops, green valleys and the capital just below you. As you taxi to the dock, you are most likely to catch a glimps of modern US army planes. more
There is a large wolf dwelling in the western part of Kyrgyzstan, which grows to 40-50kg in weight, one and a half-meters in length and a height of eighty centimetres. A smaller desert wolf is found in the plains. more
Mystery Of Genghiz Khan treasure

At the extreme Eastern end is the town of Tup. When the renowned Russian explorer Semyenov ("Tianshansky") first visited the region, he found near here at the San Tash pass a large barrow of smooth stones. Legend has it that it was constructed by the army of Timur. They found their way into the basin and he gave an order that every soldier was to pick up a stone from the shore of the lake and take it to the pass more

Kyrgyz yourta as a masterpiece of folk creation
Kyrgyz people who inhabit the mountainous massifs of the Tien-Shan and the Eastern Pamirs, lead a kind of vertical nomad's life: they spend the winter in the valleys and summer time in alpine meadows of high mountains. more
A horse is man's wings
To the Kyrgyz, a horse is a prized possession, and horsemanship a much-prized skill. Perhaps, therefore, it is not surprising that among the most popular national pastimes, or sports are contests on horseback. more
The abundance of mountain rivers and sunny days has been attracting fans of white water to Kyrgyzstan since the second half of the last century. Due to the unique natural environment of the republic, there are enough rivers to provide routes of all different categories of complexity suitable for both experienced sportsmen and beginners. more
The Ala-Archa mountains

The Tien-Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan raise over the Central Asian steppes and deserts like islands crowned by clouds, like a wonderful emerald green and snow white mirage bestowing water and thus life to the sun burnt lowlands. Yes, many a country in the world prides itself on its majestic mountains and mountain ranges. more

Southern Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is a fairytale country, fascinating and enticing by its natural beauty. And it, in the eastern way, hospitably and cordially shares this beauty with each traveler who sets foot in its abundant land. more

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