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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Manas International Airport
The Manas International Airport is located 23km to northwest from Bishkek. The height above sea level is 637m. The Aerodrome Manas belongs to «B» class according to standards International Air Convention and «4E» class according to ICAO standards. It is suitable for operation of all type aircrafts. more
Kyrgyzstan, a country of youth tourism
Kyrgyzstan - is a country of youth tourism! During the period from August 2 till August 11,2006, our republic could with good reason be called a country of youth tourism. That was the time during which in the territory of Kyrgyzstan the first International Kyrgyz-Norwegian students' mountain camp took place. more
48h... in Bishkek
Last year Bishkek celebrated its 125th anniversary. A young capital in an ancient land. Bishkek is the soul and the heart of the Kyrgyz Republic, its political, economic scientific and cultural center, the main transport hub.
Weather wise, expect warm summers with 40% humidity and continental winters Modern urban development is the city's distinguished feature, streets criss cross at a 90% angle. Shady boulevards, tree lined streets, the city is very green and in Bishkek alone you'll, find over 150 different kinds of trees and shrubbery. more
Djalal Abad
Djalal-Abad is the administrative, economic and cultural centre of Jalal-Abad oblast (province). It lies in the south of the Kugart valley, in the foothills of the Babash Ata mountains to the North. more
The Suusamyr valley is a high steppe plateau 2200 meters a.s.l. that although only some 160 kilometers from Bishkek is also one of the more remote and rarely visited regions of Kyrgyzstan. Although it is on the other side of the massive Kyrgyz Range from Bishkek and the Chui valley, it is part of the Chui administrative region. more
Festival in Kyrgyzstan
In the middle of September, towards the end of the traditional tourist season, a bus load of tourists from New Zealand drove upto Lake Son Kul in Central Kyrgyzstan and happened upon something which, in their words, "made their trip" more
The "Arts and crafts of the peoples of Central Asia" exhibition in a bookshop
In the very center of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, in the Ala-Too square, there is a cozy bookshop, «Raritet» (Rarity). A descending way into a half-cellar and the spacious halls of the modern bookshop hit the eyes of an amazed visitor. more
Music to "Soothe the savage breast"
The English author GK Chesterton may have thought that "music with dinner is an insult to both the cook and the violinist", but in many restaurants in the Kyrgyz Republic you will encounter music either live performances, or the "canned" variety. Some performers concentrate on classical or "easy listening" music, whilst others specialize in jazz, rock or "pop" music. more
The south and the north are the two sides of the Kyrgyz land beauty
The South of Kyrgyzstan is a marvelous region, it is beautiful, unique, and absolutely different from the other regions of our country. Warm climate, wonderful nature, snow-white mountain's peaks, bright colors of the Eastern market, history accounting more that tree thousand years, wonderful hospitable people, this is by no means full list characterizing the South of Kyrgystan. more
Mountain that bringing luck
Considerable number of the natural holy places locates in the mountain areas. Probably it is caused by the deep processes occurred in the mountains' depth creating energy bands and anomalous areas, as though possessing magic force and having an impact on the man. In this regard the highest alps Alatoo, namely Victory and Khantengry peaks' ancient name «Tenir» is bearing a name of the heavenly God. more
Lenin peak: "The best way to winter the summer!"
Peak of Lenin (Pamirs) is one of the most prominent, beautiful, and what is of no small importance technically not complicated the seven-thousanders of the planet. It long ago attracted me by its sky beauty and thrilling variety of its already known and unexplored yet paths. Greenery, stones, waterfalls, narrow and dangerous mountain paths, streams, snow, huge and terrible glacier; all that covered on the top by the hat of the transparent sky bareness, and all that together form those unusual and attractive world, which forever draws into itself mountain fans and ordinary amateurs from all over the world. more
The butterflies of Kyrgyzstan
In Central Asia, in the small mountainous country Kyrgyzstan, with its sandy and stony deserts, the powerful ridges of the Tien-Shan and Alai-Pamir, the spacious steppes of the mountain valleys cut by canyons of the rough rivers and gray-haired glaciers above emerald high-mountainous lakes, is a place of dwelling of numerous kinds of insects, including one of the finest creations of the world's nature: the butterfly. more

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