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Mountain that bringing luck

Considerable number of the natural holy places locates in the mountain areas. Probably it is caused by the deep processes occurred in the mountains' depth creating energy bands and anomalous areas, as though possessing magic force and having an impact on the man. In this regard the highest alps Alatoo, namely Victory and Khantengry peaks' ancient name «Tenir» is bearing a name of the heavenly God.
Unique as for its location and beauty Suleiman-mountain in the city of Osh is considered to be the saint one since the time immemorial. Since extreme antiquity this natural sanctuary has been a religious place and preserved on its flanks
monuments of Animism, Totemism, Zoroastrism, Buddhism, and Christianity worshipers... After Islam expansion and confirmation (VII-IX centuries) the mountain became a place for worship in the Muslim world.
As early as Antique times this mountain was known to Ancient Greeks. And Ptolemay (l-st century A.D.) called it as a Stone Tower, as a lighthouse among the lands of saki-nomads. In the XV-th century the mountain bore an Arab name Bara-Kukh that meant free, wonderful, separately standing mountain.
There are many different legends about the mountain Takht-and-Suleiman, and all Kyrgyz Range
of them make it a holy force capable to cure any disease of pilgrims.
Not less interesting mountain rises southward of the city Bishkek over the flat bivouacs, foothills of the Kyrgyz range. There is such an opinion, according to which name of the city Bishkek is connected with the ancient name of this height «Pishkukh» or «The Lucky Mountain». At all times the mountain is considered to be a mazar, a holy place, to the height of which people climb to cleanse and gain strengths. Here sacrifice ceremonies and holidays occurred. Name to the legendary Batir Bishkek was probably given to him in the honor of his birth near Pishkukh mountain.
In the XlX-th century name of the mountain was connected with the name of the famous manap of the solto Baytik clan, who was buried at its Southern foot, and since that time the mountain has received a name «Baytiktin Basboltogu». And even in hard for Baytik times geographers and geologists called the mountain as Baytik,
mountain cavity as Baytikovskaya, and unique deposit of groundwater, which supply our city with drinking water - as Baytikskim. And always a monument over the Baytik grave has been a guiding beacon for the country walks' fans, and this place was called «Khan's grave». In manap's time not far away it was his headquarters. From here irrigation network of submontane height began,, and one of the main ariks bore a name of manap. Exactly here liberation movement of Kyrgyz against Kokand Khanate originated.
There are some researches that called bivouacs in the number of which it is a mountain Baytik as «Beshpek» that means «Five Heights». In this regard name of the suburban village at the foothills, Besh Kungey, becomes clear.
Having studied ancient Chinese sources Russian historian Lyudmila Borovkova came to the conclusion that Tsyantsyuan or The Thousand Springs of Syuan-tszan located in the Baytik valley, blessed in all times corner with moderate climate, and pure, transparent air. The Thousand Springs (Tsyantsyuan) land, wrote this Buddhist pilgrim in the early VII century, was bounded by the snowy mountains from the Southern side, and from the other three ones by the valley. Rivers irrigated the land. Each summer Turkic kagan came here to find shelter from the heat. In those distant past foothills was covered by forests, and infinite number of springs was pouring out to the surface.
In 1931 from these springs to the city was laid a wooden pipe of the first water conduit, and then in the drilled well bore fully dried them. However, underground water from the Baytik ground water intake as usual slakes our thirst.
And now this place is the best corner of the Chuysk valley, where freely located villages Tashtobe, Arashan, Chonlash and the others. Here also there are recreation zones and sanatoriums. Fruit gardens, well-attended fields and dacha villages are decorating the Valley. Brushwood of the man-made park and pistachio-trees wood shows green on the flanks of the hill. Glory of mazar is returning to the mountain Baytiktin Basboltogu. Here during holidays there are colorful salutes that can be seen from everywhere.
To the foot of the mountain that brings luck, wedding corteges with bridegrooms come. And on its flanks citizens finishing their earthy life rest in peace.

V. Petrov

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