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The butterflies of Kyrgyzstan

In Central Asia, in the small mountainous country Kyrgyzstan, with its sandy and stony deserts, the powerful ridges of the Tien-Shan and Alai-Pamir, the spacious steppes of the mountain valleys cut by canyons of the rough rivers and gray-haired glaciers above emerald high-mountainous lakes, is a place of dwelling of numerous kinds of insects, including one of the finest creations of the world's nature: the butterfly. Kyrgyzstan is for many people in the world a country far away hidden in an unknown region, you can say the butterfly is even more a species hidden in Kyrgyzstan's nature, it rarely shows itself, the season that the butterfly really flies is short, too short.
The specialists in the study of the butterflies, the entomologists, in Kyrgyzstan have a vast knowledge of the where-a-bouts of the nation's butterflies, and they share this knowledge of the butterflies sometimes with others. Some butterflies fly only a few days every two years, some occupy only 1 sq. km on a certain rocky slope, so the habitats and habits are a tightly-kept secret to keep poachers from coming in and selling the precious species on the world's market.
Many entomologists from all over the world dream to visit the various parts of Tien-Shan, Gissar and Darvaz to admire places of dwelling of legendary species of Parnassius, and Colias, Lycaenidas and Satyridas to collect scientific collections and certainly to make fine photos. Few entomologists, from Japan to Chili, come every year to share their hobby with the entomologists of Kyrgyzstan. Available blanks in biology and taxonomy insects of Central Asia give an opportunity to describe new species and subspecies and as to specify areas of distribution already known. You can lead weight of supervision interesting to a science, and like this the knowledge of this precious species grows.
In Kyrgyzstan we are able to organize and lead entomological expeditions to the regions richest with kinds, to ridges of Tien-Shan and Alai-Pamir, such as: Alai and Trans-Alai ridges where you can collect and study 7 species Parnassius, including P.charltonius romanovi., P.simonies taldicus, P.s.grayi, P.s.nigrificatus and 9 species Colias, such as with C.regia, C.christophy, C.wiskotti, C.alpherakyi and others, and as various species of Karanasa, Paralasa, Hyponephele and Melitaea.
The Sary-Djaz Rivers Bazin, ridges Terskey and Kaindy-Katta where it is possible to catch legendary Parnassius loxias and P.patrisius priamus, P.boedromius, Melitaea fergana khantengri and Colias staudingeri Ridges of Northern Tien-Shan - Alexander, Baidulu and Kungey, places of such species as: Parnassius delphius f. styx, P.d. pulchra, P.boedromius martiniheringi, P.patricius kordakoffi, P.b.hohlbecki and P.b.sokolovi. Western Tien Shan, Chatkal Range - a place of dwelling Parnassius maximinus and Colias draconis.
And certainly ridges of Eastern Pamir, - paradise for collectors where fly: Parnasius autocrator, P.simo, P.staudingeri hunza, and, P.kiritshenkoi and Colias marcopolo.

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