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Welcome to Discovery Kyrgyzstan!
One journalist has claimed that Kyrgyzstan is “arguably the world's least-known country”.  Whereas that may, or may not, have been true when it was written, (he did say “arguably”), time has passed and Kyrgyzstan occasionally makes an appearance in the world’s media. more
The Enclaves

The Batken oblast in the extreme South Western corner of Kyrgyzstan is a remote and rarely visited part of Kyrgyzstan.  Most of the tourists who do find their way into this far flung corner of Kyrgyzstan are from the neighbouring countries of Uzbekistan and Tajikstan. One reason for this is that Batken includes. more

Alexander Dubcek – President of Czechoslovakia

One review of Alexander Bubcek’s autobigraphy, "Hope Dies Last" started with the comment that: "Even if he had not been at the center of the drama in 1968, Dubcek's story would be fascinating in itself." The "drama" of 1968, (with which his name will always be associated, making him a prominent figure in both the history of his native land, and in Twentieth Century world history in general), has been called the "Prague Spring". more

Tush Kiyiz
Tush Kiyiz (pronounced “toosh Keeyiz”) are wall hangings, or wall panels. Originally used as decoration in yurts, (the traditional home of the nomadic Kyrgyz), they are to be found all over central Asia where yurts were used - including Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Upper Xinjiang. more
Homestay Bed and Breakfast
Summer visitors to the shores of Lake Issyk Kul, the pearl of the Tien Shan, have a wide choice of available accommodation to choose between … sanatoria, resorts, hotels and pensionats … but, even so, at the height of the season it can sometimes be difficult to find a place to stay if you haven’t booked well in advance. It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that – as is the case in tourist destinations all over the world, many local residents let out rooms and take in guests. more
Fruits of the orchard

The markets of Central Asia often amaze visitors with the vast array colours and varieties of sweet, succulent and fragrent fruits that are available. Such as: apples, pears, apricots, rhubarb - technically a vegetable, plum, prunes, cherry, tomatoes - technically a fruit, berries such as rowan, buckthorn, barberry, hawthorn, currant, and raspberry strawberry, walnut, almond, peanut - groundnuts and pistachio nuts) more

The Kyrgyz
The Kyrgyz people themselves probably originated in the northern Altai Mountains. There are references to them in ancient Chinese texts and these were used for a justification of 2003 being declared the Year of Kyrgyz Statehood – marking 2200 years of their existence. more
Naryn is a long, thin town that straddles the fast flowing Naryn River and is set between high, steep cliffs. It still houses an army base and headquarters for the customs at Torugart and so camping on the hills overlooking the town is forbidden Naryn is known mainly as a stopping point for travellers on the way to/from Kashgar, and unfortunately many guidebooks published in the West are not very complimentary about the town. more
The Great Silk Way, once famous and well-known, is reviving. As long time ago loaded caravans crept from China to the North. It is not important that cars have taken the place of camels and horses, that today instead of silk and gems they carry consumer goods from China, that dervishes and pilgrims have changed for tourists. more
Victory Peak
Peak Pobeda, is one of three 7000-plus meter giants in Kyrgyzstan. At 7439 metres, it is the highest mountain in the Tien Shan range which straddles Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and North-western China. more
Kyrgyz Cinema
Kyrgyzstan may not spring to mind whenever there is discussion about the Cinema and the film industry. This is understandable as very few films made in Kyrgyzstan ever reach audiences in the West, and those that do are normally restricted to various specialist festivals. more
Ala Archa Mountaineers' Cemetery and Monument
Less than an hour from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bishkek, the capital city, is the Ala Archa Natural Park, which is quoted as one of the highlights of Kyrgyzstan. The alpine valley was turned into a national park in 1976 and sees a large number of visitors every year. more

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