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Discovery Kyrgyzstan travel guide #10/2008

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Djety Oguz

About 25 km south West of Karakol is a lush valley with some striking red sandstone rock formations, (the “Seven Bulls” from which the valley takes its name).
There is a legend about the rock formation.  A Kyrgyz khan stole the wife of another, who sought advice from a “wise man” about how he could reap his revenge.  The wise man was reluctant to give advice but in the end relenting, telling the khan that he should kill his wife and give the body to his rival – “Let him own a dead wife, not a living one”.  The Kahn made his plans and at a funeral feast arranged to sit next to his stolen wife and as the last of the nine bulls were being slaughtered as part of the ritual, he took out his knife and stabbed her.  From her heart gushed blood and other fluids, which carried away the bulls down the valley and where they came to rest they became these cliffs. 
As you approach the valley, you pass another rock formation, which resembles a “broken heart” and legend says that this is the heart of a beautiful woman who died of a broken heart after two suitors killed each other fighting over her.
These two rock formations have almost become symbols of the Issyk Kul region and are favourite images for photographs and paintings.
Not far up the valley is the Djety Oguz sanatoria, built in 1932 and during the summer yurts are established in the valley.
About 5 km south of the Jety Oguz sanatoria, is Dolina Svetov (“Valley of the flowers”), a valley which is ablaze with colour from May, when as flowers bloom.
Further up the valley a trekking trail leads over a mountain pass to the neighbouring Karakol valley, and from there it is possible to proceed onto the Ala Kol Lake and Altyn Arashan.

Discovery Kyrgyzstan
Travel guide#10/2008

Discovery Kyrgyzstan Travel guide #10/2008

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